Adult Playground of Your Dreams!

Adult Playground of Your Dreams!

Yesterday afternoon, a new business called Milk Tavern opened up in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Being from here, I’d seen the signs for months as they set up and wondered what an “adult playground” could possibly mean.  I followed the owner on Instagram after some searching and found out when they opened.  All I knew going in was the place had something to do with desserts and was for those 21 and older.  Interesting. But, being the curious (nosey, as some might put it) person as I was, I went right away, completely forgetting I had told my boyfriend that I’d wait for him until that evening  Oh well!  The rest, as they say, is history and the reason I am writing this post.  I know, I know, it’s only been a day.  Still, this place was that cool.

Located at 528 S. Western Ave in Ktown, Milk Tavern is pretty much the coolest thing ever.  The restaurant offers alcohol-infused ice cream, cereal, cereal shakes, an actual bar, and different cereal-themed desserts.  They have over a dozen cereal options including some nostalgic favorites like Captain Crunch and Oreo-O’s.  The ice cream is around 2% ac after the processing, so you can taste the alcohol but it’s mostly just a sweet treat! And boy is it delicious.  The one I had the chance to try was Kahlua and coffee flavored.  Yum! You can try bourbon, wine, beer, or tequila. Then top it with cereal of your choice if you wish. They also have swirl freeze machines that mixes your ice cream and cereal together.



Have I caught your attention yet?  Well, not only are there delicious treats and a bar stocked full with champagne, wine, beer, and rose, there are also a bunch of interactive and real life games!  The space is wide and tall, so they can fit a full-sized ping pong table, toss games, and two different screens with old video games. The owners told me they are going to have competitions throughout the year once they have their hard opening in October (date TBA).  They will also have movie nights at least once a month!

Everything is decorated super well, with murals and greenery throughout.  The service is quick and the people working there were all super friendly.  Their mission was to have a space for “children at heart” to be able to enjoy themselves free of judgement, and their hashtag is #olderkidsonly

Open every day from 12-12, Milk Tavern is sure to be a fun time with your friends or by yourself if you want to just enjoy the atmosphere and have a fun drink (you can get your alcohol in a glass with a flamingo floatie around it). Enjoy!

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