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Day One

Day One

Leah Wolf: founder of Angeleno On a Budget

Hi world,

As I sit here trying to figure out this whole platform, host, domain business, I am thrilled and excited to begin this journey.  Throughout these last few years, many of my friends and colleagues have told me they enjoy reading my social media posts about my LA adventures with my boyfriend, my friends, and by myself.  I reminded them all how easy was in such a big city even on a small budget! And when I say small I mean it.  Last year I worked on a stipend of around $4/hour for City Year Los Angeles. I know I know, but it was good work and I’m glad I did it.  This year, I’m approximately halfway done with graduate school and trying to make the most of my free-ish time by trying out lots of new adventures and exploring this city.  I’m not originally from here.  I was born and raised in a medium sized suburb of Chicago.  I was always someone who loved exploring and trying new free or cheap things, but I became much more like that after I moved to LA when I was 18 and got a car two years later.  Yeah, a car can come in handy here.

After college, my boyfriend and I moved to Koreatown and let our hearts run wild, both with each other and with Los Angeles.  We have been here for almost two years now as I’m in my mid 20’s now.  I’m hoping to share my adventures and misadventures with you.  There’s so much to do here for free or cheap and I’ll let you know all about what works!

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