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A Nature Oasis in the Middle of Hollywood?

A Nature Oasis in the Middle of Hollywood?

The view from the middle of the hike

While browsing the Los Angeles sub of Reddit one day I came across a picture that basically blew my mind.  It was of a beautiful lake in Hollywood that I had literally no idea existed.  I read the comments, many of which were also of stunned residents who had never heard of it either.  I did a little searching and found out that it was called the Lake Hollywood Reservoir, and it was open to the public!
The next weekend I dragged my boyfriend out of the apartment so we could check it out before it got too hot.  It just took us about 20 minutes (we followed the directions on Yelp, which have you taking the 101 and getting off about 2 miles before) and we were there! There is a big hill leading to the entrance off Lake Hollywood Blvd., but there was parking towards the bottom when we got there so don’t worry about having to park too far away.  The walk is flat, so it is great for all hikers, and it takes you in a giant loop of about 3.5 miles.  In the middle, you cross a bridge with the most spectacular views of the Hollywood sign and the whole lake.  This is definitely worth the walk.

Overall, we had a great time and getting to the bridge took only 25 minutes or so at a leisurely pace, stopping every so often to take pictures.  I had no idea this little slice of nature was even there, and boy was it beautiful.  I recommend this completely as a free, beautiful weekend activity good for all ages.

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